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    Michael McHugh
    Full Stack Web Developer
    Front End, Back End, DevOp
    Unity Certified Developer
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    Node, Unity 3D, Angular, Kraken, PHP
    Schemaless, Relational
    Amazon Web Services, Heroku
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    An Indie Game...
    Tactical Limit
    Tactical Limit is a fast paced, turn based strategy game
    set in the depths of space!

Welcome to the portfolio of Michael McHugh

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About Michael

Multipotentialite, programmer, inventor, techno-explorer, tour guide and indie game developer!
I love bringing my skills and expertise to creatively help people use technology in their everyday personal or business lives.

I'm enthusiastic about technology and how it can be used to improve our lives. My passion for new technologies is tempered by the reality that it needs to work, work well and continue to work!

Current Status

I'm a fully hands-on developer, although my business card says I'm the CTO for CompliSpace.

I'm ready to move on to new opportunities and adventures with a preference to keep my hands on the code!

Technologies, interests and skills that I love working with include:

  • NodeJS / AngularJS / Ionic / Parse Server (self hosted)
  • Unity 3D / C# (Unity Certified Developer: 20167UCD746)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Full Stack Developer
  • Relational DB / MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • No SQL / GraphQL / MongoDB / Redis / DynamoDB
  • Mac / PC / Linux
  • Gamification
  • VR / AR
  • Photogrammetry
  • Thai (Speak / Read)

2017 saw the CompliSpace technology team grow from just myself in 2015 to around 10 from the foundations of my work in the prior years.

From 2008 – 2015 I single handedly kept the technology services at CompliSpace running, improved products & processes, created new products & prototypes and ensured the technology was able to integrate with our clients needs allowing sales to keep the cash flow positive.

High Level Abilities
  • VR, AR, Game Developer, Unity Certified Developer
  • Hands-On, Mentor and Consultant
  • Web Based Application Development (front and back end)
  • Plan and Manage Hosting Infrastructure
  • Database and Systems Administration (Linux)
  • Network Operations Emergency Response
  • He is a visionary developer who transcends the average geek. He is extremely diligent and has an incredible eye for detail. He doesn't suffer fools gladly which is a strength in world where IT complexity can often be used to hide from commercial reality.

    James Field, Managing Director at CompliSpace

  • Michael is among the most professional, gifted and innovative senior web application developers I have had the pleasure to work with. The quality of Michael's work is without peer, he is self motivated and a stimulating member of any team focused on building innovative technical solutions.

    David Warwick, General Manager Consulting at Smart Works Interactive

  • Michael worked on the original prototyping of the Browser Defender Web Rating system which, in production, rated more than 10 million websites displaying detailed security data to users in a unique format. He was involved not only in web development but also brain storming architectural concepts and design. In all his work he displayed dedication and delievered in very agressive time frames. A pleasure to work with and a genuiunely nice guy. Highly recommended.

    Ian Oliver, Consultant


I've listed here just a few of my favourite technologies and why I like working with them.

Unity 3D

I am a Unity Certified Developer.
My growing interest in 3D simulations/games set me on the path to begin learning Unity 3D. Early 2015 I completed Game Development Foundations at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

Oculus and Leap

Highly interested in VR and AR, I truly believe that this is the next step after the web. I have worked on projects for the Oculus DK2, Gear VR, Cardboard & Leap Motion. This is an area I would love to be getting into a lot more.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is fantastic as a quick and easy DIY VR that allows very easy prototyping of VR concepts as well as being able to easily move around and show to anyone interested. The simplest, yet most effective thing I have made is a giant VR wall clock allowed my visually impaired mum to see the time for the first time in 5 years!


I feel a particular affinity with Node and it has fast become my language of choice. Having the back end using the same language as the front end allows easy reuse of code, especially useful for validation of user input.

Kraken JS

This framework first appealed to me as it closely mimicked the way I was laying out my raw node express.js application. The fact that it has a bunch of things like application security, localisation and a rich template system built in makes it a definite plus.

Angular JS

Being able to extend a front end web app by actually extending the HTML markup with reusable components, coupled with easy model-view binding is my main attraction to this framework. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once there rich application interfaces are a breeze.

Amazon Web Services

Early 2005 was when I first signed up to AWS for the S3 service. I must admit I'm a bit of a 'fan-boy' when it comes to AWS, I think they are the only company where I can't wait to receive their emails as they always have good news: either price reductions or new services.


A fantastic resource for getting applications launched as fast as possible without having to worry about deploying servers. The only drawback I find is not being able to have servers in the APAC region which can lead to quite significant latency. I like to use Heroku for proof of concept or small applications, then migrating to AWS for things that have grown beyond concept.

Phaser IO

Mid 2014 I began looking at HTML5 games, and after being frustrated by several frameworks or builders have found Phaser to be to my taste. Still some learning curve here for me, but feel free to take a look at my first javascript game at Waterside Resort's Fun In The Sun.


Almost default these days, Bootstrap allows me to get a good looking, if 'standard' web site up and going quickly. Most end users are dazzled by the bright and shiny, and if your front looks terrible they won't see the wonders you have created out the back. Bootstrap allows me to concentrate on the back end and then worry about the shiny after end user acceptance.

Ionic Framework

Being able to write web native applications is great for the cross-platform browser experience, but still isn't quite there when it comes to commercialisation. Ionic fills this in by allowing the web native apps to be compiled to device native applications like Android or iOS. It's UI is based on AngularJS, and since I am familiar with Angular already Ionic feels like home.

Node Bots

Completely for fun, My family attended the first international Node Bots Day (Sydney) in 2013. Javascript and robots is just a perfect blend.


I've been using PHP since version 3 back in 1998 and it has come a long way! Sometimes I join in on the bemoaning of the non-standard naming conventions and I completely dislike the mixing of template with code, but when handled properly some robust and beautiful code can be written.


The Agavi PHP MVC Framework is not well known but in my opinion the best MVC framework ever written for PHP. It's been around for a while and is very stable. Unlike other frameworks like Zend or Symphony, Agavi gets out of your way and focuses on sustainable quality.

Propel ORM

On occasions where I've had to deal with monolithic databases with terrible documentation and minimal normalisation, the Propel ORM has been a life saver! It's used now by Symphony, but it's been used by the Agavi community for years. I love the ability to reverse engineer a database into an object schema.

Michael's Portfolio

The majority of the projects I work on are closed projects, many of which are for corporate consumption
and not for general public availability.

As you can imagine this presents a challenge when it comes to show-casing my work. To overcome this I have two solutions: showcasing my personal pet projects and showing a very cool video of my commits to the various projects.

I'm certainly open to suggestions for anything else you may find of value.

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